Gemilang Maju VMPT has been established as an offshore supplier throughout Malaysia. We supply vegetables, meat, fruits, snacks, frozen food, spices, flavouring, dry store, beverages, cleaning equipment, cutlery, toiletries and others. Our traditional business model is based on delivering goods to hospitals and restaurants.

We started as a distributor of Beverage to Restaurants, Hotels and Modern Trade that grew into one of the main distributors of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) specializing in Food Items to both the Modern Trade and Food Service. Our belief is to spend our time promoting products that are Healthy, Halal, and Enjoyable to the public; and increase our customer’s knowledge on new products, new packaging and flavors which are produced in different parts of the world. Our passion is to provide enough marketing support for the Retail Market, so they will be familiar with our products quality and brands.

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